If I Were a Middle Class White Guy Writing About Being a Poor Black Kid (posted verbatim)

Below is a response written by Toure’ to Forbes contributor, Gene Marks’ controversial article entitled, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid.”   Toure’ turns the article’s thesis on its head and succeeds in…well…saying exactly what a lot of people … Continue reading

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If I Were A Poor Black Kid (posted verbatim)

Below is the highly controversial article written by Forbes contributor, Gene Marks. Gene ventures to detail the steps he would take if he were a “poor black kid” in America.  The article is posted below verbatim.  “If I Were A … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Hot Mic: “You think we’re stupid?”

In a closed-door meeting at a fundraiser on Thursday night, President Barack Obama challenged Republican attempts to roll-back accomplishments made by his administration–namely healthcare. The president vowed to veto any legislation that will do away with funding for the new … Continue reading

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Black Politics in Mississippi is a political blog dedicated to delivering multiple viewpoints, but primarily an African-American perspective concerning news; elections; local, state, and federal politics; social commentary; and other tidbits that may arise from time-to-time in Mississippi for folks … Continue reading

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