Candidate for Mayor of Jackson, Regina Quinn “successfully addressed a business challenge” by Filing Bankruptcy Twice

Below is a press release from the Regina Quinn for Mayor Campaign.  The statement is in response to a recent article where Quinn attempted to defend filing two bankruptcies in the past 17 years. Read full article here.

It should be noted that a separate article revealed that Quinn and several other candidates for mayor of Jackson failed to file required documents to run for mayor of the city. Read full article here.

**Press Statement **


March 7, 2013

On January 29, 2013 I did an interview with The Jackson Free Press, where I discussed my candidacy for mayor of the city of Jackson.  In an effort to be transparent about my life experiences, I shared that I had successfully addressed a business challenge I experienced by filing bankruptcy.

Earlier this week a staff member of my campaign received a call from the Clarion Ledger based on an apparent influx of smearing calls from my opponents.  Sadly, those people failed to appreciate my ability to deal with challenges face on. This ability to deal with challenges and issues face on is one of the qualities that I am most proud. With the recent incidents of lawsuits from the federal government and Jackson Public Schools, clearly this shows instability. I want to relay to the citizens that they will have a mayor who understands hardship.  I pledge to bring this same fortitude and transparency to the office of mayor. I am convinced that it’s time for a new direction.  I want the citizens to know they can count on Regina Quinn as mayor to take this city in a New Direction.

For additional information, please contact: Toni Johnson, Communications Director

Cell: (601) 942-2723



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